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When it comes to varieties, what are the wishes of the starch potato growers?
Besides the highest possible starch yield per acre, the quality of storage has become particularly important. Resistance to wart disease (in some countries fys.18) is not only desired, but required! Resistance to potato cyst nematodes is also very important.
For future use it is required that varieties have more qualities than just needed for starch production.

Beside varieties for the potato starch industry we also have varieties with good consumption quality. These varieties have good cooking behaviours and have  good flavours. We also have a variety suitable for crisps and a variety suitable for the French fries market.

Potato-varieties have to prove themselves, in your practice, climate and business. Try these varieties to find out what they can mean for your company. At this moment we can offer seed potatoes of our varieties in different classes.
You can download the overview of our varieties here.

When you are interested please send us an e-mail or contact us by mobile-phone.